I am expanding upon our discussion from March’s PEP Talk Podcast – Trickery of the Food Industry – Episode #13, February’s PEP Talk Podcast – What  Worry and Meditation Have in Common – Episode #12, as well the podcast from October 2019, Curiosity versus Fear – Episode #8.

Last month, in the email I sent, as well as in the podcast description, I provided some self-care tips to support your psychological health during the coronavirus pandemic. One of the suggestions I provided was to keep a gratitude journal. In today’s PEP Talk, I go deep, explaining the powerful benefits of gratitude. I think you will be surprised to learn how something as simple as expressing appreciation can provide such profound health benefits.

Below are the resources I mention in the podcast:

Gratitude Questionnaire
Gratitude Quiz

Please take a few minutes to listen to today’s PEP Talk – Gratitude – Episode #15, and I encourage you to do one thing today purposefully to attain true PEP for life.

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