30-Day Acts of Kindness Challenge

I believe we need a positive movement of change in our country. I believe we need to unite as a community and I believe we need to get back to some basic principles of humanity by intentionally displaying acts of gentleness and love.

I challenge you to carry out three acts of kindness, each day, during the month of July. Below, I would like for you to post some, or all, of your acts of kindness, each day, throughout July.  July has 31 days so you get a bonus day to be kind!

Posting below serves as external accountability for those who need it, and it will also provide inspirational ideas for everyone following along.

The acts of tenderness can be small, such as smiling at a stranger, saying hello, or holding the door open. The acts of kindness can be on a grander scale, such as donating money, helping your neighbor with a task, or driving a friend to an appointment. The opportunities are endless!

Please join me in creating a movement of positive change in our corner of the world! Each morning, when you first wake up, set your intentions to be kind, at least three times that day. Then pop on over to this page and share your acts of gentleness with others.

Kindness truly is infectious – let’s infect the world with love!

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