Behavioral Health Therapy

The goal of behavior health therapy is to heal. I typically utilize a cognitive behavioral approach which recognizes what we think impacts how we feel and how we behave. Addressing the cognitive component often times means addressing and healing from past hurts/wounds/traumas and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) can be utilized to achieve this goal. I also incorporate nutrition coaching, within therapy sessions, when clients are amenable.



I provide individual as well as couple/marital/family therapy.

· Anxiety
· Stress Management
· Depression
· Women’s issues
· Loss and Grief
· Life Transitions
· Communication Issues
· Trust Issues
· Self Esteem
· Parenting Issues
· Past Trauma
I have extensive experience in the areas of post-traumatic stress disorder and past traumas (veterans of war, survivors of accidents, survivors of violence and/or crime, survivors of rape, adult survivors of child sexual abuse and other childhood traumas).


I provide teletherapy via a HIPPA compliant Zoom platform.

Schedule an appointment by calling 816.872.2463.



Nutrition Coaching Services

PEP for Life One-on-One Nutrition Coaching Sessions, in office or via a HIPPA compliant Zoom platform.

The Ultimate PEP for Life Intensive In-Home Nutrition Program
I offer one-on-one sessions as well as the ultimate in-home nutrition program. Research demonstrates that nutrition plays a significant role in attaining true PEP for Life. This is the most effective and efficient way to reach your health goals.

With the intensive in-home sessions, I come to your home to create your transformational health plan. Being in your home assists me in more readily identifying barriers you may face in reaching your health goals and better assists me in creating a plan that truly works within your life.


Depending upon your goals, we can:

  • Create healthy menu plans
  • Create a personalized workout routine
  • Uncover the emotional issues that trigger unhealthy behaviors
  • Create a daily routine that incorporates extreme self-care
  • Overhaul your pantry and refrigerator
  • Organize the kitchen, discussing necessary kitchen tools
  • Learn how to read labels
  • Cooking lessons
  • Discuss all natural health and body care products as well as home cleaning products
  • Decrease clutter

The Ultimate PEP
for Life In-Home Nutrition Program

Includes three, 4-hour sessions in your home.
Also includes 2 follow up emails within 60 days and 2 telephone sessions within 60 days.

The Mini PEP
for Life In-Home Nutrition Program

This program offers everything the Ultimate Program offers; however, it is two, 3-hour sessions in your home, 1 follow up email within 60 days and 1 telephone session within 60 days.

The Jump-Start PEP
for Life In-Home Nutrition Program

This programs offers everything the Ultimate Program offers; we are simply accomplishing as much as we can in a one, 3-hour session in your home. This is a great way to simply “jump-start” your journey of transformation.

Physical Activity

To attain true PEP for Life, it is vital to be physically active. I purposefully use the phrase “physical activity,” versus exercise, because many people have a negative connotation associated with exercise.

Some people view exercise as a burden; something unpleasant that they are doing to their body. I simply want you to move.

Do something that is fun. Dance in your living room or outside in the rain. Rollerblade. Go to the park and complete a circuit workout utilizing the park benches and/or playground equipment. Be creative, have fun, and move.

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