Behavioral Health Therapy

The goal of behavioral health therapy is to heal. I typically utilize a cognitive behavioral approach which recognizes what we think impacts how we feel and how we behave.

Addressing the cognitive component often times means also addressing, and healing, from past hurts/wounds/traumas. Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) can be utilized to achieve this goal.

I utilize a holistic approach to wellness – our physical health impacts our psychological health and our psychological health impacts our physical health. Therefore, I also like to explore with clients, health habits such as nutrition and physical activity.
I am passionate about assisting my clients in creating a lifestyle that nurtures their overall wellness – I am not seeking to merely treat a symptom.



I have extensive experience in the area of PTSD and trauma work. This includes working with service members and their families, veterans, first responders, survivors of accidents, survivors of violence and/or crime, survivors of rape, adult survivors of child sexual abuse and other childhood traumas.


Other areas of specialization include:

· Anxiety
· Couples/Marital Therapy
· Stress Management
· Women’s issues

· Loss and Grief
· Life Transitions
· Life Coaching
· Communication Issues

· Depression
· Perfectionism
· Self Esteem
· Parenting Issues



I provide in person as well as telehealth sessions. Telehealth is via a HIPPA compliant platform.

For a free initial consultation, or to schedule an appointment, please call me at 816.872.2463.


Nutrition Coaching Services

I am confident it would never occur to you, to pour a soda into the gas tank of your car. Why? Because, immediately, you would know something was wrong – it would not run.

Unfortunately, for humans, the devastating effects of eating toxic foods frequently does not result in an immediate symptom. It can take years, even decades, before people begin to see how the nutrient-void, chemical laden foods, they are consuming, result in health problems.

Ideally, I would like for all my clients to choose to consume nutrient-rich foods. To eat real foods – one ingredient foods – that provide all the minerals, vitamins, and amino acids necessary for the body to be fueled and perform optimally.

Nutrition plays a significant role in creating and maintaining psychological health. For clients who are interested in specifically discussing nutrition, I am more than happy to incorporate this as a part of their treatment plan. I also offer, on the recipe page of the website, free recipe eBooks that contain a plethora of flavorful and nutrient dense recipes.


Physical Activity

To attain true PEP for Life, it is vital to be physically active. I purposefully use the phrase “physical activity,” versus exercise, because many people have a negative connotation associated with exercise.

Some people view exercise as a burden; something unpleasant that they are doing to their body versus doing for their body. I simply want you to move.

Do something that is fun. Dance in your living room or outside in the rain. Walk your dog – or the neighbor’s dog. Rollerblade. Go to the park and complete a circuit workout utilizing the park benches and/or playground equipment.

Be creative, have fun, and move.

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