Welcome to today’s PEP Talk – Curiosity Versus Fear – Episode #8.   When you hear a perspective that is different from your viewpoint, how do you feel? What do you do? 

What if the opinion is in direct opposition to yours? Do you feel defensive, or are you curious as to why the person has the outlook they have? Do you ask questions wanting to glean a better understanding?

In today’s PEP Talk – Curiosity Versus Fear – Episode #8, I discuss how fear can rule us, creating a “reaction” when we hear a viewpoint that differs from our own. I also offer an alternative approach which may assist in decreasing your level of stress when you hear/read something that you do not agree with.

I referenced my PEP Talk – More Curious Than Afraid.  I also mentioned how people could focus on the need to be right, which I discuss in more detail in my PEP Talk – I Am Right.  If you missed the original airings, or you simply want to re-watch them, please feel free. 

Please take a few minutes to listen to today’s PEP Talk – Curiosity Versus Fear – Episode #8, and I encourage you to do one thing today purposefully to attain true PEP for life.

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