It is November and Thanksgiving is just weeks away. I thought this was the perfect time to encourage you to create a habit of expressing gratitude.  This month’s PEP Talk provides practical techniques and examples of how you can create the mindset of gratitude. 

Below, I included a list of gratitude questions, I discussed in the podcast, as well as links to the articles I referenced, and my previously recorded podcasts, episode #15 and #25.  

Please take a few minutes to listen to today’s PEP Talk – Habit of Gratitude – Episode #30, and I encourage you to do one thing today purposefully to attain true PEP for life.  

Links to articles and previously recorded podcasts mentioned in the podcast:

41+ Gratitude Messages, Letters and Lists by Heather Craig
28 Benefits of Gratitude & Most Significant Research Findings by Courtney Ackerman  
PEP Talk – Gratitude – Episode #15  
PEP Talk – Mindfulness – Simple Not Easy – Episode #25  

List of gratitude questions mentioned in the podcast:

What emotionally touched me today? 
Who, or what, inspired me today?  
What made me smile today?  
What’s the best thing that happened today?  
Describe something lucky that happened to you last year and how your life improved.  
Describe a special favor you received, how it helped you, and how it touched you.  
Name someone you know who makes your life better and why.  
Think of something you used today that other people may take for granted.  
What do you appreciate most about the person sitting next to you?  
Describe something that you do often that makes you happy and why.  
Describe something that happened this past week that you are grateful for and why.  
Describe something you have done that you are particularly proud of and why.  

Jayson Bradley (2015) –  20 gratitude conversation starters about thankfulness:

  1. What memory regularly brings a smile to your face?  
  2. Do you typically think that you have more than you need, less than you need, or exactly what you need?  
  3. Can you remember a time you received something that you did not think you deserved? How did you feel?  
  4. What’s the best thing that happened to you today?  
  5. What positive adjectives do you think people would use to describe you?  
  6. What do you hope that people will say about you at your funeral?  
  7. What is something you have given away that you know brought joy to someone else?  
  8. Can you remember a time when you had the opportunity to give something, and you didn’t?  
  9. If you could spend an entire day doing whatever you want, what would it be?  
  10. Who is the most generous person you know? What makes them that way?  
  11. What is your favorite season? What do you love about it?  
  12. What’s the sickest you have ever been? How did you get better?  
  13. What is the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for you?  
  14. Do you have a story about a prayer that was answered? What happened?  
  15. Is there a time that you had a prayer go unanswered and it turned out for the best?  
  16. Imagine you’re being interviewed for a newspaper article and the interviewer asks “Who made you the person you are today?”. Whose names would you say?  
  17. What do you like about your home? City? Country?  
  18. What is the hardest thing you’ve ever learned to do?  
  19. What is your greatest accomplishment?  
  20. Who is the person you trust the most? What makes that person so trustworthy?  

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