Welcome to today’s PEP Talk – Misery is Optional. What do you believe about your current circumstances and your future? Do you believe you will heal from a physical or emotional issue? Do you believe you will get the promotion you have been working to attain?

Or are you someone who believes in worst case scenarios?

Do you believe you will ‘never’ get well? Do you believe you are doomed to work in your current dead-end position?

Our mindset impacts how we feel physically and emotionally. It can also impact the course of our lives.  In this month’s PEP Talk I discuss the power of your mindset- what you believe.  A belief is deeper than a thought – it is something you feel at your core and it has the power to transform your life.

Please take a few minutes to listen to this month’s PEP Talk – Misery is Optional and I encourage you to do one thing today purposefully to attain true PEP for Life!

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