Welcome to today’s PEP Talk – Listen.  I believe listening is one of the most treasured gifts that we can give to another person. It is free and it is simple to do. Yet, if we are truly honest with ourselves, how often do we genuinely listen to the other person who is talking to us?

When others are talking, it is very common to be lost in our own thoughts about what is going on in our own world or possibly being distracted by the art of multitasking – checking the phone.

When someone feels as though another is truly listening to him/her that person feels heard and feels valued. This is a very validating experience that can lift a person’s spirit and it can positively impact self-worth. This occurs not only for the person who was listened to, this occurs for the person who was listening as well.

I encourage you to be mindful when you are communicating with others. Take note of whether you are sincerely listening or if you are only half listening because you are distracted by something else.

Thank you so much for joining me today and I encourage you to do one thing purposefully (e.g. listen with intention) to attain true Pep For Life.

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